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The main aim of this course is to develop and excel in soft skills from communicating in various environments and to learn critical decision making. With Profcyma, you will acquire skills to what to listen and speak for including how to handle stressful situations while negotiating with others.

CV Writing and Corporate Training

Profcyma bridges the gap between the corporate world and academics. We give every student the platform to learn and meet the skills required from a corporate standpoint. With Profcyma, we prepare you for interviews with our specially designed mock interviews and how to write CVs.


Personal Learning Programs is focused on performance management, competency mapping, and conflict management. We also provide expertise on Team Building, Conflict Management and Customer Relationship. Our mentors will help you to develop social etiquette, goals setting and creative problem-solving.


Profcyma guides you to develop skills such as communication skills, stress management, and leadership skills. We give you practical knowledge of Market Study, Supply Chain Management and Basic Financial Management. With this, you will learn presentation skills, email etiquette, and time management.


With Profcyma, you will learn the broad view of Demand Planning and Capacity Planning. The overview of this program contains Various Supply Chain processes, Vendor selection, and evaluation process. We will explain the various concepts including Bullwhip effect and Value Stream Mapping-VSM.


With this programme, you will get a practical approach to accounting knowledge, learn various uses of the tally and build your own company in Tally ERP9. We also provide knowledge about how to maintain GST compliant accounts, pass accounting entries with TDS and access various types of reports in Tally.ERP9.


With Profcyma, you can learn the real art of doing Network Marketing Business by our experts and successful leaders. We will help you to enhance leadership skills and make you understand the importance of networking. Learn the tricks to create a winning mindset. We will also provide you with the book “The Art of Networking”.


With Profcyma, learn tips and tricks to maximize the sales from the experts. Understand how and why sales play a huge role in business and how to generate good leads whether you have a startup or a company. Get advice from top experts and successful leaders.


Acquire motivation from the people who never gave up and are successful now. Learn how and why they got motivated and apply that in your life. Profcyma gives you a platform to learn and implement this tips in your own life and be successful.


With Profcyma, we will help you to accomplish and excel in the Digital era with the help of our digital marketing course. The purpose of this course is to enlighten and provide guidance to the knowledge of digital marketing. Get introduced to various aspects of digital marketing like Pay per Click, Content strategy, Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from our experts. from our experts and understand how to operate it. Grasp topics like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Google Adwords.